Our Philosophy

The Blue Cottage provides a safe and welcoming home away from home environment where children feel assured by the warmth and reliability of childcare and also by familiar routines. It is our philosophy that children need this to feel secure and nurtured. This gives them the confidence to release their innate curiosity and explore their environment with all the wonderful, exciting opportunities we provide.

Happy children who are having fun and adventures will naturally flourish with gentle guidance from our excellent team of teachers. We believe that children need time and patience to learn through their own instincts, to question, test and investigate their world. It is essential that teachers have the resources to be able to support this. That is why at The Blue Cottage childcare centre we ensure that there are always extra staff to engage in quality learning moments with the children.

As we never stop growing, our teachers continue with their own learning as well as attending professional development. This ensures they constantly provide the highest quality opportunities for your children. As a centre, The Blue Cottage is committed to Te Whariki early childhood curriculum. We encourage contributions from whanau/family and also the wider community in all its diversity, as an important part of a child’s learning and self-awareness. We believe that children themselves are also significant contributors. /vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]