Our Story

‘Ever since it’s conception, it was really important to me that The Blue Cottage was more than just a safe and welcoming shiny new centre with great ratios, highly trained staff, fantastic resources and a great location.  Let’s face it, lots of centres do that! The Blue Cottage is so much more than just a childcare centre.  It’s a community where everyone respects, trusts and supports each other and works for the greater good. We also have lots of fun and laughter is our usual soundtrack!  Open and honest communication is so important for this, as is HEAPS of cuddles for your children.

I have 3 young children and know the stress that mornings bring trying to organise everyone. Just when you think you are ready to walk out of the door (and yippee you’re only 5 minutes late this morning!), you turn around and one’s just remembered it’s swimming today, one’s wet themselves and the other one is suddenly naked! It was so important to me that we help families as much as possible to make those mornings as stress free as we can. That’s why we provide so much for you, even down to doing your children’s washing!

The team was the other area that was super important to me. Without happy motivated teachers, it doesn’t matter what qualifications they have, they can’t do their job properly. That is why we have more teachers than we need and we invest in their continued learning. A team who actually want to come to work will consistently give their very best to your children in their care. Everything else that we provide is really the icing on the cake. Don’t get me wrong, the icing is super important too, but ultimately children arrive at The Blue Cottage with relaxed families and enter an environment where the teachers are happy and eager to get on with the most important thing of all, playing. Children know how to play, how to learn, how to explore the world around them. They don’t need telling, they just need the right environment and the right people to guide them.

We would love to show you more and we operate an open door policy so feel free to drop in anytime.


Look forward to seeing you soon’


Owner Manager

Owner Manager