Nappy Project

We are very proud to have our nappy project in place. Babies and children who are still in nappies, use cloth nappies provided by The Blue Cottage while they are at our childcare centre. Should you wish to opt out of our nappy project you are welcome to provide your own nappies.

What You Need To Know

  • It’s hygienic.
  • The nappies all have liners which allows for easier cleaning and adds another level of hygiene.
  • The nappies are washed at very high temperatures (90*C) in sensitive detergent and an antibacterial sanitiser and wherever possible are dried in the sun which naturally kills bacteria.
  • You will need to provide a nappy for your baby to go home in. We will happily store a supply at the centre for you if you would like.
  • This is not compulsory and you are welcome to opt out and supply your own nappies if you wish.

How It Works

  • Once it is time for their first change the nappy will be replaced with a cloth one and a liner.
  • Cloth nappies need to be changed more often and nappy changing is such a precious moment of one on one time between the baby and the teacher. We endeavour to savour this time and change their nappies with respect and in an unhurried manner.
  • Before the baby is due to be picked up, they will be changed back into a nappy from home.