Settling In

Settling in to a new childcare environment can be tricky for a baby or young child and it can be a whole lot harder for the adult dropping them off! We welcome phone calls from families to check on your children but rest assured, even if you have left a tearful baby, by the time you have got down the street, they will most probably be laughing along with their new buddies.

We recommend having 3 visits before you start but all children are different. Some might settle very quickly and some might be more comfortable with more visits.  We will discuss this more with you at the time.

Babies and children of all ages feel more secure and safe when their routine is predictable. Therefore, it is really important that when you start leaving your child with us, that you have a pattern with your baby or child, especially if they are finding it difficult to settle. For example, you come in, greet the teacher, sit down and read a book together and then say goodbye and hand your child to a teacher say ‘I love you and I’ll be back to pick you up after work’ and leave. Once you say goodbye and leave it is very important that you leave. Coming back for one more cuddle or one more kiss just confuses your child and unsettles them more. This can be a very emotional time for everyone and the whole team is here to support you in this.