Ready For School Programme

At the Blue Cottage, we run a ready for school programme. What might surprise you is that it is not about abc’s and 123’s although of course that is included. Some of the most important things that your child needs to know before they go to school are:

  • Concentration
  • Being able to follow a series of instructions
  • Communication, i.e. making yourself understood
  • The ability to work independently
  • The ability to work in a group
  • How to be a self-manager

We practice these skills at varying degrees right from the baby room but once your child is over the kindergarten age of 4, we create focused groups which take their learning and discovery to a more in-depth level. The children lead these topics through their own interests and the teachers’ role is to guide and support them through this.
When the time is right, we will invite you to one of our family evenings to tell you more about the ready for school program and help with any concerns you may have about preschool learning. For now, if you have any questions, please ask one of our friendly staff.

Learning stories are your child’s link between home and Cottage. They are stories that are written about fun, exciting and interesting activities or moments that your child has experienced. Most child care centres will write a story about each child once a month but at The Blue Cottage we aim to go the extra mile and we write a story for every 5 days they attend. So, if your child is with us for a full week, they will have a story every week. Some of these will be in depth stories linked to our philosophy or Te Whariki and some will be a photo story board.

The stories will be printed and stuck into your child’s journal book which lives at The Blue Cottage but which you are welcome to take home to share. To compliment this, the stories will also be loaded onto “Storypark”, which is a secure online journal that you own as a family. You can share this with whoever you like allowing family or friends across the word to enjoy your child’s journey as well. Not only can you add family stories as well, but we absolutely love it when you do because it strengthens the bond between home and The Blue Cottage preschool centre. This comes at no extra cost and you own your “Storypark” so when you eventually leave The Blue Cottage, you take your online journal with you to continue adding stories.

What an amazing keepsake for you and your child.