Terms and Conditions
Policy Statement: The Blue Cottage has a number of policies that set out the procedures that are in place for the care and education of the children who attend. We strongly urge you to read these. The signing of this enrolment agreement form indicates that you will abide by the policies of this service.  A full copy is available upon request.
Excursions: I give permission for my child to take part in regular excursions as per The Blue Cottage Excursion Policy. I understand this includes spontaneous, short walks with the teacher/s in the local area but I will be required to give written permission for extended excursions or those involving travel by motor vehicle. All excursions will meet or better the ratios set out by the Education (Early Childhood Services) Regulations 2008.
Child Health: I have read, understood and agree to abide by the Child & Staff Health Policy.
Fees: In signing this, I agree to pay the fees as stated in the Fees Policy. The Blue Cottage is closed on all Statutory Holidays.
Arriving and Departing: I agree that when dropping my child off at The Blue Cottage, I will park in designated area and will escort my child into the building and advise a teacher of my arrival before leaving my child in the centres custody.  I will advise a teacher before taking my child from the centre.  I will sign my child in on arrival and out on departure daily.  I understand and accept that this is a condition of enrolment that children driven to and from The Blue Cottage must travel in a child’s car seat or restraint in accordance with Traffic Regulations.
ICT: I agree that as part of their learning environment, my child may be involved in the use of ICT.
Health Tests: I give permission for my child to have vision, hearing and other tests by qualified professionals considered to be in the best interest of my child and that the results be discussed with the teacher if relevant.
Images: I agree for my child’s image and first name to be used for promotional material


Newsletter   Yes/No        Printed materials   Yes/No        Website*   Yes/No        Facebook*   Yes/No


I understand that these images will be available on the world wide web and will be viewed by visitors to the website

Planning/Assessment: I give permission for my child to be photographed or videoed as part of The Blue Cottage’s assessment, planning and evaluation.
Enrolment Rights: I understand that acceptance of my child at The Blue Cottage is in no way an assurance or guarantee of continued enrolment for the time indicated or under the terms and conditions effective a the time of enrolment.
Privacy Statement: We are collecting personal information on this enrolment form for the purpose of providing early education for your child.  We will use and disclose your child’s information only in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993.  Under that Act you have the right to access and request correction of any personal information we hold about you or your child. Details about your child’s identity will be shared with the Ministry of Education so that it can allocate a national student number for your child. This unique identifier will be used for research, statistics, funding, and the measurement of educational outcomes. You can find more information about national student numbers at: eli.education.govt.nz